Our Mission




Although, through gentrification, there has been a rapid development of commercial and residential property in urban cities across the United States. There has not been a plan, vision, or strategy for developing how we sustain our urban communities in the 21st Century and beyond. There are countless programs and initiatives that were established years ago by our government, but no political leader has done with it takes to reform. The citizens of Nashville have not been able to grow as fast as the development of the city. This is why Nashville Davidson County has a failing school system to date. We have to innovate our education system and the way we support our low income families. I have the resources and relationships with government agencies that will bring reform together. I will keep Nashville's New Transit Plan other infrastructure development for the city a top priority, and find ways to spend conservatively. When we say innovation, a new culture of innovation has to be established for this nation, and I vow to make Nashville Davidson County the example for other urban cities to model. There is nothing new under the sun! In our journey for creating an innovative culture in Nashville. We must look to our past centuries in evaluating our options. An Ancient Way of Like....In The 21st Century!!!!


I am a strong believer that citizens have a resposibility and sould get involved in making their community better. As Nashville's Mayor, I will create initiatives that will assist communities and community members in taking up their own slack and filling their own gaps with that they feel like their community lack. There are several food deserts in areas and districts across Davidson County. What is a food desert? A food desert is an urban area in which it is difficult to buy affordable, good quality fresh food. Instead of waiting for new grocery chains to develop in their area, I will push for a city-wide initiative for communities whom are willing to fill this gap by growing their own source of locally grown fresh food through Urban Farming. As a Tennessee hemp advocate/developer and president of a founding organization that helped establish the Tennessee Hemp Pilot Program. I will push to invest part of Nashville's budget on conserving Energy through establishing natural sustainable sources for its citizens to save money on energy.



Schools are performing very low in Middle Tennessee, and no one has seemed to scratch the surface of the problem. I believe that there should be an alternative to Metro Davidson County's public school system. As mayor, I will find it in the budget to start a match funding initiative to communities or groups of parents whom want the opportunity to educate their own youths, even troubled youths in their community where alternative school and all other options through the public school system has been exhausted. It's great for those families whom can afford a private education that they are happy with, or for those families whom are pleased with Davidson County's public school system. For those families that cannot afford a private education, and are not pleased with the public schools that are provided should get some assistance through the city of Nashville to start a self-sustainable education source for their youths. It is the city's responsibility to help even those odds.